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    She’ll Do Anything To Get What She Wants!

    Jessie Sunshine has to close a deal before the holidays and gives the client the full treatment Jessie uses every-thing in her bag of tricks only to discover her client loves squirters… SOLD

    Gabriella Santorini has been Mr. Strikers personal assistant awhile and her visa is running out Using her dicktation skills and her hot body her boss seriously considers the offer until he explodes on her ass… Deal or No Deal?

    Delirious Hunter is up against some stiff competition to gain a major overseas distribution deal. Even though her numbers aren’t the greatest Mr. Ties accepts her offer in exchange for her being a sex slave for the weekend. Surely she’ll get what’s cumming to her and more with an offer like that, we all know how much Mr. ties likes Bondage and Tickling!


    2016 Desperate Pleasures Delirious Hunter,Gabriella Santorini,Hope Harper,Jessie Sunshine

    Genre: All Sex, MILF

    Director: Desperate Pleasures

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