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Tax Service
Melody Pleasure and Cheffie Shot are having their own companies. But Cheffie is a pain in the arse with his bookkeeping. It’s one big mess. Melody decide to ring Marc Kaye, as he’s a real good accountant.

Marc decide to come over and have a eye into their bookkeeping. It’s worser than they thought and they are almost bankrupt! Of course there is no money to pay Marc, so Melody decide to pay Marc with a good blowjob and a fuck!

Marc needs more time to set the bookkeeping in the right direction and of course he loved the good fuck by Melody, but he wants more and he’s learning the true meaning of the double entry to Melody together with Cheffie.

Melody and Cheffie are moved and finally the bookkeeping is good, Marc is proud and is coming over again. Melody is not at home. When she’s back, she’s really naughty and she is fucked by the two together! Yes together at the same time!

2020 dm-movies Cheffie Shot,Marc Kaye,Melody Pleasure

Genre: All Sex, Big Cocks, Blow Jobs, Cumshots, DP, Threesomes

Director: dm-movies

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