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Teens Like It Big Vol. 6
“Horny Teen Wants The Big Cock”: Amia invites Scott and his friends to her parent’s house for a party. Horny Amia notices Scott’s big dick and drags him into the kitchen to suck and fuck his fat cock.

“Freaky Deaky”: A fortune cookie causes Madison to magically switch bodies with her mother. Now that the Mom is trapped in a young body, she wastes no time getting her ass fucked.

“Mount Me In Your Ice Cream Truck”: Sir Ashli is out for a jog when she sees the ice cream truck coming. She knows the driver is cute and she asks to try out his big creamy cock.

“Fuck I.D.”: Armed with Fake I.D.s, Nicole and her friends head out to the clubs. When her refused, she has no choice but to fuck the bouncer to get in.

“Palavering Pussies Get A Posterior Pounding”: Holly and Missy each think they are the better slut. They call their friend Scott to decide which one of them is better at taking it in the ass.

Genre: Porn Movies

Director: Brazzers

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